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Products, programs, and courses designed to help you reach your goals, practice self-acceptance, build sustainable habits and wellness routines and find inner peace and fulfillment. 

8-module self-paced course designed to help you blend psychology & mindfulness with nutrition, fitness, & wellness to free you from cyclical dieting, self-sabotage, food worries, & frustration so that you can spend less time obsessing over food & your body & more time focusing on being present in your life & making your own unique impact on the world. 8 week program designed to help you heal your relationship with food and your body & reach your health and wellness goals
1 8 week program designed to help you heal your relationship with food and your body & reach your health and wellness goals
Read More Progress Tracking Guide-learn how to track important markers of health and fitness progress without focusing on weight
2 Progress Tracking Guide-learn how to track important markers of health and fitness progress without focusing on weight

What does it mean to live "unbounded?"

Unbounded: having no boundaries or limits, not kept within bounds; unrestrained, having no bounds or limits.⁣

The concept behind the Unbounded Self brand is that every one of us has the innate impulse and ability within to grow, reach our goals, and find fulfillment. ⁣

However, our self-sabotaging patterns, habits, beliefs, trauma, emotions, conditioned responses, and self-concepts often get in the way. When this happens, we tend to blame ourselves and feel that we are not "motivated" or "disciplined" enough to reach our goals or create the life we desire, leading to shame and guilt. Then, we feel that we are not "worthy" or "good enough" for our deepest desires and make ourselves or our bodies the problem. ⁣

Many other methods and techniques aim to “overcome” or “get rid of” these parts of ourselves. However, this is not effective because these parts of ourselves have become adaptations or survival strategies that serve a purpose in our lives, and trying to get rid of them only leads to tension, frustration, and resistance. ⁣

However, by understanding them and learning to work with them, we are able to stay connected to our innate impulse and ability to grow, reach our goals, and find fulfillment, even when these patterns are present. ⁣

This place of self-acceptance, self-respect, authenticity, and freedom allows us to build a greater capacity within to move toward all that we desire in life without any bounds or limits, hence, the name, Unbounded Self.

what makes the unbounded brand unique?

We are revolutionizing the way we view physical and mental health and wellness as a society. No more quick fixes, no more perfect diets, no more "if you follow this one secret you will attain x,y,z." We are here to honor the individuality and unique needs and desires of each person, to honor each person's sacred journey and relationship to their body and self.

Pillars of The Unbounded Self Brand:

1. Psychoeducation: In each program within the Unbounded Brand, you will learn about any psychology, neuroscience, nervous system regulation, nutrition information, etc. that is relevant to that course. This information is broken down into easy-to-understand and apply concepts and examples and will help you to better understand yourself and your body.

2. Agency: No one knows your body, experience, or mental state better than you do. While it is often necessary to shift slightly outside of your comfort zone in order to grow and/or shift your relationship to yourself, you do not need to push yourself into anything before you are ready. You get to lead the way and determine how far you are willing to push yourself and when. The goal of any Unbounded program is never to put you on a strict plan but rather for you to learn how to tune into your own self and body to make the choices that are truly nourishing and beneficial to you.

3. Acceptance: Growth is like peeling an onion, there is always another layer. "Perfection" and "total healing" do not exist in life since life is a never-ending journey of healing and growth. Approaching transformation from a place of acceptance allows us to stop waiting until we reach our goals to respect our body, feel confident, nourish ourselves, and enjoy life. Our bodies and lives fluctuate on a daily basis and practicing acceptance helps us to ride the ebbs and flows of life rather than resist them.

4. Curiosity: Even our most frustrating and destructive self-sabotaging habits and actions formed for a reason and at one point in our lives they served a very important purpose. Rather than approaching ourselves with guilt, shame, and judgment, we approach these "survival strategies" with curiosity and openness. This allows us to better understand our inner world (states of being, relationship to ourselves, how we relate to others and the world around us, what motivates our behavior, what drives us, why we do what we do or don't do what wish we would, etc.).

5. Embodiment: We utilize an embodied approach to transformation as opposed to solely mindset work or "mental reprogramming." Mindset work alone often leads to resistance, tension, frustration, and mental overwhelm. Since the majority of our fear, resistance, discomfort, trauma, past patterns, etc. live in the body, we use embodiment practices to recondition the body and help the nervous system "re-regulate" itself with each new level of growth. Mindset work never ends! You will always discover new "limiting beliefs" or fears to work through. However, when you are able to cultivate a deep sense of peace, fulfillment, worthiness, stability, etc. within your body, you will realize that you no longer need to listen to or work through all of this mental chatter.

Freebies & Masterclasses

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Hi friends!! I'm Liz!

I am a graduate student studying licensed mental health counseling with a passion for fusing psychology and mindfulness with health, nutrition, and wellness. 

I am also a certified food and body coach, NARM practitioner, and breathwork facilitator, and I have spent the past several years helping 100s of people around the world release anxiety and overwhelm, regulate their nervous systems, and heal their relationship to food and their bodies.

I ultimately decided to go back to school when I realized that there is a large gap between the mental health field and the realms of nutrition and personal development. There is so much frustration surrounding personal growth, health, and fitness because society has led us to believe that in order to reach our goals, we must be motivated, rigid, and disciplined which could not be further from the truth.

Our mindset, nervous system, relationship to ourselves and our bodies, beliefs, self-concepts, coping & survival strategies all play a large role in driving our habits, actions, and behaviors.

This is not to say that simply changing your mindset will bring you everything you have ever wanted in life, but, understanding your own inner world can help you to get out of your own way.

My own journey with crippling anxiety, disordered eating, and multiple chronic illnesses has led me to such a unique approach to health and wellness as I understand the importance of the mental/psychological side as well as the nutritional/physical. I understand how frustrating it can be when nothing you are trying is working, when you feel like a stranger in your own body, and when you are doing what you can just to get through each day.

It is my mission to make health and wellness less frustrating and more accessible to all.


Unbounded Podcast

The Unbounded Podcast fuses psychology and mindfulness with health, wellness, and personal growth. Rather than focusing solely on what actions to take to reach your health, wellness, and life goals, each episode of the Unbounded Podcast provides insight, information, and research to help you better understand yourself, your body, and your habits. You can expect to hear and learn more about: nutrition and wellness psychology, mindfulness, body image, self-sabotage, productivity, nervous system regulation, self-acceptance, chronic illnesses, mental health, and more.

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Podcast Trailer Dec 14th, 2020 13m 50s listen
Podcast Trailer


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My mission: To help others make peace with their bodies, free their minds, find inner fulfillment, and create wellness habits and routines that nourish the mind, body, and soul. 

Everyone deserves to feel at peace in their own body.

To feel worthy.

To feel capable.

To feel nourished.

To feel strong.

To feel free.

To feel at home.

To feel connected. 

My passion lies in helping others to reconnect to themselves and their bodies and in making health, wellness, and psychoeducation more accessible to all. 

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